Best Baby Monitor Reviews

I hate to date myself, but I have to be honest: back when my kids were little, there really weren’t options when it came to baby monitors. In fact, most parents I knew back then didn’t even own a baby monitor let alone reading some fancy baby monitor reviews! For the few who did, it was pretty much Best Baby Monitor Reviewsa bedside walkie-talkie set up with no bells or whistles, just like the one on your left.

So imagine my recent bafflement when it came time to outfit my home for visiting grandkids, and discovered that today’s baby equipment “essentials” include high tech nursery monitors. (And I mean high tech! Heck, Russia probably would have loved this technology back in the Cold War days, and now we get to use it just to see how little Suzy is sleeping.)

I started researching to figure out what was the deal with all these baby monitors and baby cams and smart phone apps and motion detectors and wireless transmitters.

Let’s just say I was able, in the end, to make an informed choice about the best baby monitor for my house—and I figured my research was worth sharing.

Buying Guide: Are You Looking for the Best Baby Monitor?

These days baby monitors come with so many options you’ll want to look into baby monitor reviews just to help you figure them out!

Monitors have evolved from the simple one-way radio set up to interactive smart technology that even includes video recording and phone apps.

Touching on Today’s Features

You can read the full reviews to see what models offer which features, but here’s an overview of the feature choices you will be looking at with a baby monitor purchase.

  • Type of signal: So many devices these days transmit wireless signals, and you don’t want your baby monitor to be picking up someone else’s Bluetooth banter, or even your neighbor’s nursery. Look into how transmissions are encoded with each monitor you are considering.
  • Adding video: You can choose to add a video feed to your monitoring system so you can see what your little tyke is up to without actually riling them up during naptime by making an appearance. Video can include recording (if you want to record a caregiver, or even email a clip of your kid’s cute crib capers) and can also include night vision.
  • Battery life and range: Most monitors can be plugged in, but you may also want to move around with the receiving end while your baby is napping. Look into the battery life for a portable unit, as well as how far away from the transmitter you can move.
  • Motion sensors and sound sensors: Maybe you don’t want footage from the hours your child is actually sleeping, but you’d like to know what they’re up to when they wake. With a motion or sound activated recorder, you can skip the sleep hours and just look at footage of actual nursery activity.
  • Compatibility with other systems: Imagine popping up a picture-in-picture video feed of the nursery while you watch your evening television programs. Or imagine yourself checking in on the baby monitor at home while you are out and about with your smart phone.

These are just a few of the features to consider today when you shop for a baby monitor. What will suit your lifestyle? Comparative reviews will help you decide.

Why You Need to Read Baby Monitor Reviews

As you navigate the deep field of available nursery monitors, at least you don’t have to start from scratch in figuring out what’s what. You can utilize our baby monitor reviews to compare the features of the available models and find the best baby monitor for your family.

Parenting is a tough enough job already, and there’s no reason to avoid the advantages you can put at your disposal. Checking on your baby or toddler from a distance can be more than a mere matter of convenience; it can also be an issue of safety and wellness.

When babies have health issues, or when there are caretakers you might want to check on, there is more than just convenience at stake. You want to be able to monitor your child’s well being. Find the most suitable baby monitor for the job, and you can have all the peace of mind you need as a parent.

Always remember that peace of mind is nothing to sneeze at in itself when you have a new little person in the house.

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